Holy Grail

Book Reviews

"I loved reading the 'Legend of Dagad Trikon'.. The book encompasses fantasy mixed with sound historical references and is a fascinating quest told with insights into ancient and modern spiritual knowledge. It is an epic novel, a gripping adventure lived by characters who become increasingly real and endearing to the reader. I highly recommend this original novel to 'book worms' of any age."

Antoinette Wells, United Kingdom

"This is one of those rare books, like the master work of C.S. Lewis, which draws you in completely and compels you to participate with the protagonists on their amazing journey. Having heard such great things about the book from friends, I had very high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. It was so enjoyable to be swept into such a captivating 'reality'. Please let there be a sequel."

Margaret Merga, Tasmania, Australia

"The Legend of Dagad Trikon is a phenomenal read - the author is at his best explaining the battles, inner and outer, that we all face daily."

John Schwartz, Maryland, USA

"I am eager to know the trick from the people who wrote that they make sure to read a few pages everyday. I could not put it down until I finished it. It almost took a day to come back to the real life. Great book or may I call it a Legend? I am ready for a second go at it. Thanks to Mr. Grégoire."

Vara Prasad Goluguri, Sweden

"This book is absolutely breathtaking, impossible to put down. It is quite unlike anything else ever written before. The author brilliantly relates the connection of the underlying truths hidden and forgotten in different cultures across the world. LDT is deeply symbolic and I feel that the author is describing something that is really happening here and now. As has been predicted, the time is approaching when religion and science will become one, no more believing, only knowledge through experience. I think this book is going to be a milestone in the evolution of mans' ability to discover and use the full potential of the brain . The main characters in the book are discovering truths about the human race that has been, and are still today forbidden to be spoken of in some places for example. that no man or woman is higher than another so priests are no longer necessary. Maybe this book is part of a silent revolution. It is incredible how subtle and intelligent the power from where the author got his inspiration must be.

Thank you Mr. Kalbermatten for sharing this with us."

Tor Birkelund, Sweden

"I really enjoyed The Legend of Dagad Trikon. I would come home from work every night, looking forward to reading a chapter. I would read, even if it was 1 a.m. and sometimes, I couldn't stop at one chapter!"

K.T. Tan, Malayasia