Quotes from The Legend of Dagad Trikon

The Lady of the Rock

"Those who live in illusions have the illusion to live. Those who live in reality touch the deeper dimension of existence."

Page 196

"Knowledge in the brain is only seen. Knowledge in the heart is truly gained. It takes wisdom to love with the brain and to know with the heart."

Page 157

"Fate is what happens to you. Destiny is what you do with what happens to you."

Page 304

"It is the mother that creates the child. When the Mother will wash and cleanse the child, innocence will be restored."

Page 432

"Love that can be lost, cannot be the love I seek."

Page 368

"Innocence is like the sky. Whatever we do against our innocence is like a cloud hiding the sky."

Page 217

"Mother Earth gives what we ask for, according to our desires. To materialistic people, she gives material blessings. To spiritual people, she gives spiritual blessings."

Page 185

"The whole body of enlightened people will arise and open the path for all men and women."

Page 509

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