This Glossary has been extracted from the Chronicles of Dagad Trikon written by Alhakim, prince of Golkur, Chancellor of the Avastha University and kept thereafter in the Annals of Dikayoson, the herald of the Chamber of Maat.

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Some Avasthas craft-smiths initiated in the Deep Way developed magic weaponry whereby special powers were embedded into specific weapons. The Sadhan, a shield, discovered by Lakshman, was one of them but its subtle properties remained secret.
First state of proximity to the mystery of the world. Avasthas that were initiated meant it was the capacity to approach the Goddess.
Second state of proximity to the mystery of the world corresponding to the capacity to address or invoke the Goddess.
Third and more intimate state of proximity to the mystery of the world that involves receiving the fullness of the Gift.
Name given in the Sanskrit language by ancient seers to the Gift. (See the Gift.)
Integrated knowledge, that is, knowledge not received only with the brain but also with the heart. The fusion of heart and brain triggers recognition. See also episteme. Samyak is episteme with the added emotional value of love.
Sanath was the heir of the Order of the Hllidarendi, and a key figure in the unfolding of the Dagad Trikon prophecy. He had been sent by the Daskalians to lead the quest of human beings in unraveling the meaning of the Dagad Trikon prophecy. Sanath revealed his secret name during the council of the Hllidarendi at Jetzenstein Castle.
Sand Keeper
The cheif wizard of Dagad Trikon, master of knowledge, warden of the House of Falkiliad, and Teacher of the Deep Way. Having gone through the seventh level of initiation of the secret fire, he was also a counselor to the Lady of the Rock. He lived with his family as a highlander. Through his network of spies and the fleet of pushpak chariots, he was the ear and the eye of the Rock.
Sao Iambu
The sacred wind stones, created by Mother Earth, to emit the power of the Paramchayta.
Counselor of the Nizam, governor of the city of Shambalpur and administrator of the finances of Dagad Trikon, he was a magistrate of great influence but he was said to harbor a secretive taste for power.
See Thanatophor.
Capital city of the first-born whose legendry magnificence and wealth excited the rapacity of Hangker for the fame of Shambalpur, in the earlier ages, went over the whole world.
Expression of the invisible presence of the formless divine power.
Sheravalian Guard
Company of Avastha virgins that formed the Household cavalry of the Lady of the Rock. They were mounted on felines, and were fearless and undefeated in battle. They possessed many mind powers acquired as a result of their devotion to their mistress. When chanting or dancing, the Sheravalian virgins were best among the first-born to call the Rasa power.
Sneaky Way (The)
Qualification given by the Rock dwellers to the attack of Belzebseth consisting of possessing the psyche of vulnerable humans.
Sower (The)
At times when the Emerald King decides to intervene in earthly affairs to lead the Grand Scheme and throw the seeds of change and redemption, he borrows a blue shape of infinite grace and charm that can yet reveal awesome might and grandeur at will.
Avasthas born in the human race without being revealed to other, or more regretfully, without being revealed to themselves. Without becoming aware of their own powers, the Stealthstars would gradually vanish into irrelevance.
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