This Glossary has been extracted from the Chronicles of Dagad Trikon written by Alhakim, prince of Golkur, Chancellor of the Avastha University and kept thereafter in the Annals of Dikayoson, the herald of the Chamber of Maat.

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Raghubir, High Lord
King of Ayodhya, Ram Chandra Aryaputra was a great lord and manifestation of the Emerald King; he was an ally of the Avasthas.
Rajah Janaka
Kingly manifestation of the primordial Daskalian (master) in the area of northern India and Nepal.
Small thread symbolizing the mutual bond of love and protection between brother and sister.
Rasa (Energy, Music or Vibrations)
When the Paramchayta was made accessible to earthlings through a magnified capacity of enjoyment, it was called "Rasa", that is, the juice of blessed energy.
Retable of The Dove
See Triptych.
Rock (Triangle)
Refers to the mountain complex lost in the immense vastness of an inhospitable desert. When the Avasthas took it as the last refuge of their waning civilization, they named it Dagad Trikon.
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