This Glossary has been extracted from the Chronicles of Dagad Trikon written by Alhakim, prince of Golkur, Chancellor of the Avastha University and kept thereafter in the Annals of Dikayoson, the herald of the Chamber of Maat.

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Formless energy of Adivatar also known as chaitanya in Sanskrit. It is projected in the cosmos, invisible, omnipresent, omnipotent.
Philip, Count Von Jetzlar
German officer who became the disciple and friend of Sanath. He strengthened the communication between the Hllidarendi and men, while learning much from Sanath about the Deep Way.
Philthalas of Elnur
Son of Olophon, First Lord of Elnelok, Philthalas was a disciple of the sea. He retreated within Mother Earth when the age of the Avasthas passed away. He is one of the few elf lords who remained active in tbe Bardo to carry the commands of the Daskalians for the protection of the human race.
Pushpak Chariot
Magic chariot that could fly at will under the telepathic command of its master. Only specially trained Avasthas could fly the Pushpak.
Pujan (Festivals)
Ceremony of worship of the divinity by which the first-born triggered the inner journey towards truth, consciousness, and bliss.
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