This Glossary has been extracted from the Chronicles of Dagad Trikon written by Alhakim, prince of Golkur, Chancellor of the Avastha University and kept thereafter in the Annals of Dikayoson, the herald of the Chamber of Maat.

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Oikos (Project)
Attempt by the international community to identify and address the deeper challenges of the 21st century in establishing a broad basis of understanding of the options opened for the future of the human race. However, as the Oikos researchers came too close to unveiling some of the schemes of Thanatophor, the project encountered trouble.
Olophon of Elnur
Defender of Elnelok at the beginning of the dark age and the last known Nizam of Dagad Trikon registered in the annals of Dikayoson.
Magic object in the form of a binocular conceived to see at a distance.
Fabulous metal found in Atlantis that was endowed with great resilience and secret properties.
Orphean (Armor)
Special Avastha armor that could completely absorb the reflections of its environment, thus conferring a cload of invisibility.
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