This Glossary has been extracted from the Chronicles of Dagad Trikon written by Alhakim, prince of Golkur, Chancellor of the Avastha University and kept thereafter in the Annals of Dikayoson, the herald of the Chamber of Maat.

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Heavenly form of the angelic messenger of the gods and assistant of the Emerald King, he appeared in Indian mythology as Hanuman.
One of the names given to Mother Earth favored by the Avasthas.
Gate of Blessedness (The)
Entrance of the cave of wonders.
Gate of The Elephant (The)
Mythical passage to access again the Inner World after all access was lost as a consequence of the Great Schism. Access to the Gate was a key initiation to the Deep Way.
Gift (The)
The Gift is the entry into the blessed consciousness of Oneness and of the nature of Oneness, where absolute truth stands revealed and existence can be enjoyed in the consciousness as the glory of bliss. The bestowal of the Gift means the end of the Great Schism and the return to Godhead.
Some Avastha craft-smits initiated in the Deep Way developed magic weaponry whereby special powers were embedded into specific weapons. The Glorfakir, a small sword discovered by Lakshman, was one of them but its operational code remained secret.
Goddess (Great)
Companion of the Adivatar and ultimate bestower of the Gift, she takes many different forms and was known under many different names. She is the mother of the Lady of the Rock.
Golkur (House of)
One of the smaller houses of the Rock elves that was however held in high esteem for the quality of its scholarship and farsightedness.
See Titanosaur.
Grand Scheme (The) - The Game
Adivatar created the universe out of His love, for he wanted to share the bliss of existence. But He can do so only with evolved and conscious beings that are free. Thus mankind has to grow to a level of maturity and understanding where it can receive the Gift. The Grand Scheme led by the Sower is meant to take mankind through the various steps of history until it reaches that level.
Great Schism (The)
The split between the Outer World and the Inner World that breaks the unity of the creation, bringing ignorance, falsehood, and hypocrisy, thus opening the conditions for the Foul Rift.
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