This Glossary has been extracted from the Chronicles of Dagad Trikon written by Alhakim, prince of Golkur, Chancellor of the Avastha University and kept thereafter in the Annals of Dikayoson, the herald of the Chamber of Maat.

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Baldur Van Jetzlar
See Sanath
With the knowledge of the Deep Way, external physical gestures can mobilize inner spiritual powers. The bandhan is a gesture of protection around the aura of the subject.
The twilight zone between death and life from where many of the ghosts and creatures of Belzebseth are operating to infiltrate human psyche. Many angels and a few Avasthas are also dwelling in these spheres to protect the humans.
Bane of Bonaparte
Condition associated with the human ego when man under the influence of the ego, pursues a linear action until the impact of that action recoils against its initiator, bringing the ultimate fall.
Bane of Petrone
Condition associated with the human superego when man under the influence of conditioning loses faith in its own inner worth and starts enjoying the process of its own destruction.
Demon king and the left hand of Thanatophor, he infects the blue channel of desire, feelings, and emotions of the past. He chairs the Dark Council of necromancers, sorcerers, and witches. He devised many methods to ensnare the humans but is known to work mostly through addictions, lust, possessiveness, attachment or jealousy. Most effective when working in combination with Hangker.
Name given by believers and demons to the Archangel Michael.
Name given to the Indian sub-continent by the Avastha geographers.
Seed power.
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