This Glossary has been extracted from the Chronicles of Dagad Trikon written by Alhakim, prince of Golkur, Chancellor of the Avastha University and kept thereafter in the Annals of Dikayoson, the herald of the Chamber of Maat.

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See Titanosaur
The Highest One, Generator, Operator, Destructor (G.O.D)
Manifestation of the primordial Daskalian (master) who taught the Jewish people about surrender to the Grand Scheme, the divine will: a key principle of the Deep Way.
Alhakim, Prince
Head of the House of Golkur that was related to the House of Falkiliad, Alhakim was the high priest of the fire ritual and, on behalf of the Aulyas, officiated as the chancellor of the Avastha University. His mother was an Anorhadan priestess and he was, of course, well versed in all aspects of the Deep Way.
Aliskhan The Swift
One of the warriors of the Yuva platoon identified in the Dagad Trikon saga. He couls talk to the flying horses. Together with his cousin Lidholon, he was left behind at the end of the age of the Avasthas because of his desire to help human beings. This compassion was a trait of the House of Elnur to which he belonged.
Princess from the desert tribe who was the appointed Lady-in-waiting of the Lady of the Rock.
Alwakil Fields (The)
Sacred fields in front of the city of Shambalpur where the Avasthas performed religious ceremonies.
Ananta Quetzalcoatl
Name given by the Hindus and the Aztec to the cosmic cobra that served as a couch to the Emerald King.
State of Oneness with the Whole, fruit of the Deep Way. See also under Gift.
Germinating power of Self-knowledge, fruit of the Deep Way.
Anor (House of)
One of the great Houses of the Avasthas, entrusted to be the keeper of the worship of Urakash, the power of the ether. The Anorans raised the flying horses and the best of the them could fly some distance by the poewr of their thoughts. The elders of the House were telepathic. Anor provided the best archers and most of the Yuva platoon was recruited in its midst. It also provided the network of rangers and spies, which helped the Sand Keeper to monitor the moves of the Enemy. Haslerach of Anor was one of the greatest Nizams of Dagad Trikon although he ruled at the time of its decay.
Anorhad (House of)
One of the great Houses of the Avasthas, entrusted to be the keeper of the worship of Urtej, the power of the light. Many through the ages were initiated in the mystical power of the Deep Way and taught the other Avasthas accordingly. As a rule, only Anorhad could serve in the household of the Lady of the Rock or converse with her. Those warriors of Anorhad who had been initiated in the Deep Way were a terror to the hordes of the Darkness; they were said to use the power of a third eye to blast their enemies.
Assistants of Adivatar who discharge appointed tasks to support human beings succeed in the Grand Scheme.
Head of the House of Anor, he was the overlord of Dagad Trikon and Commander of the Avastha warriors.
Atha Glaukopis
High priestess of Atlantis who belonged to the circle of the Aulyas. She witnessed the end of her civilization as the explosion of an island volcano and the resulting tsunami destroyed Atlantis.
Aulyas (Circle of The)
The Aulyas were the seers of old who could decode the subtlest spiritual meanings and steps in the framework of the Grand Scheme. They provided advice and guidance to the Avasthas. But after the Great Schism the earthlings did not use this knowledge any longer.
Earlier race which ruled the earth long ago at the time of the Age of Truth. The Dagad Trikon prophecy identifies them with their last tribe left on earth, dwelling in the red triangle rock. This is why they are sometimes described as the Rock Avasthas.
Incarnation in a human form of a deity, that is of a specific aspect of the one Adivatar (God).
Azura, Azuric
or titanic creatures are the chief servants of the Master of Darkenss, Thanatophor, and the two demon kings, Hangker and Belzebseth.
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