July 18th, 2006

Describing a novel concisely

Steve is 100% correct in what he says, and in this respect, the movie business is akin to the book business.

Woody Allen, after speed reading War and Peace in 24 hours, said, “It’s about Russia.”

A somewhat more explanatory view can be seen at http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/warandpeace.php

This writer likes quotes and aphorisms and here is one by Tolstoy found at the same site, “”The most difficult thing—but an essential one—is to love Life, to love it even while one suffers, because Life is all, Life is God, and to love Life means to love God.”

I await Steve’s logline for Legend of Dagad Trikon with bated breath - well OK, not quite, but I would love to see his and other attempts too.

The main point being made is of course, the inanity of such notions, the work of a marketing man or woman, no doubt.

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